RICS Level 1 Survey prepared throughout Hampshire

We operate in Fareham, Gosport, Southampton, Portsmouth and more with over 30 years experience in surveying and valuing  properties.


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If you want to know your propertys condition and the possible faults that may affect its value, an RICS level 1 survey will help you. At Days Chartered Surveyors we take pride in the high-quality service we provide. We’ll offer an objective and expert assessment of your property’s condition and construction. We’ll highlight the aspects of your property that need to be investigated further and bring any major and serious faults to your attention.

The assessment is mainly visual, which means that our surveyors will not remove any household contents or investigate beneath carpets and floorboards.

For independent, professional advice from qualified Chartered Surveyors get in touch with our team today by calling us today on 01329 845 100 or email info@dayscharteredsurveyors-fareham.co.uk

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With advice from our independent, trusted, and experienced professionals here at Days chartered surveyors our clients will be well informed and advised. For further information, advice or assistance please get in touch with the friendly team at Days Chartered Suryerors today by calling us today on 01329 845 100 or email info@dayscharteredsurveyors-fareham.co.uk.